Monday, June 8, 2015

The 28 Commandments of Property Management

The Book That should be a movie, The 28 Commandments of Property Management:
Thou Shall Not Allow Your Tenants to Drive You Crazy. This book contains 28 tips and techniques used by investment pros including

  • AND MUCH MORE........

Over all the profession calls for turning challenges into opportunity like our friends at in Property Management of Orlando Florida.

 As the home management company continue to develop in this ever-changing world there will constantly be challenges. "Difficulties" are exactly what effective supervisors call issues and crises. Intrinsic in every challenge is a solution. Hidden in the psychological mire of a crisis are a variety of easily ignored chances. Are you adroit at turning these "lemons" into "lemonade"?

The continuous work needed to keep your clients, the homeowner, delighted and pleased is common issue among property management in Orlando and the rest of the country.

In this outstanding book allows the property manager shared two more great concepts. One assisted her avoid a crisis while the other opened doors to more opportunities.

Keep in touch with them routinely if you want to retain clients. Twice a year provide them a personal phone conversation. Send them a thank you card with a quick study or comment card to return. Remember their birthday. Ensure they understand how much you value them.

Make sure they believe of you first if your consumers need to offer their building. One building supervisor I employed had a licensed realty broker he partnered with and all his clients knew that he might help them buy or offer equipment. Another great opportunity!

Because the owner desired much better building management, the following week she received numerous phone queries and obtained an apartment complex. Challenges can end up being opportunities. Go all out!